The Interesting link between the Mugumo tree that fell, and Dementia

Recently, a huge fig tree, known in gikuyu tribe as Mugumo, fell down and in Kiambu, and sparked all sorts of fears.

Some were wary of the incident, fearful that it perhaps signaled an impending calamity such as the death of one of their leaders, while others believed that it was foreshadowing a coming change of leadership in the community. 

Since then the Agikuyu council of elders has moved in to calm their fears, declaring that the falling of the Mugumo tree didn’t have any significance, whether positive or negative. 

While indeed accepting that the worries people had would have been valid if the Mugumo tree had fallen under unclear circumstances, the elders allayed their fears, telling them that there was nothing big about the whole event, since the tree had simply fallen down due to old age. 

However, it was their recommendation over what should be done with the remains of the tree that was quite interesting. The elders declared that it was totally out of the question for anyone to try and profit from the wood of the tree.

Instead, the tree is to be given to old people, whose old age is so advanced that they can’t tell what is going on. Basically, those suffering from dementia, or exhibiting its symptoms. This, they said, was because they are the only people capable of innocently benefiting from the remains of the tree, which is what is required.

“Even if they are to enjoy fire from its firewood, they won’t know where it came from”

Being a high octane political season in the country, politicians from across the political divide in the Mt.Kenya region interpreted the fall of the tree differently, depending on one’s political alignment.

Whereas some schools of thought take the fall of a fig tree to signify generational change, others dismiss the same as a farce, saying that the trees fall after attaining old age. 

It will be remembered that in the height of political campaigns during the twilight days of Kibaki’s presidency, a similar occurrence took place. Uhuru Kenyatta would later on take over the leadership of the country. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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