Top presenter claims she experienced discrimination at the coast

It’s not unheard of for Kenyans, and not just Kenyans, but Kenyans of high standing in society to undergo discrimination in their very own country.

A while back there was the famous, or rather, infamous croissant incident at Artcaffe, where it was claimed that the establishment refused to sell to a Kenyan customer because of his skin colour. This controversy roped in even popular pop singer Habida, who also accused the premise of unprofessionalism. After that was the story that made waves across the country about a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi which had this racist policy of not allowing blacks in after 5PM.

Good Morning Kenya’s TV presenter Ray Manyara gave a hilarious, and lighthearted story about discrimination she once faced at the coast, and it all had to do with a camel. It began with some dance moves that Ray’s costars, Doreen and Jain were pulling on air, while Ray remained frozen, not moving a muscle. Later on, when the two began mocking her, and wondering why she hadn’t even tried to move an inch, she began to explain that she wasn’t much of a dancer, and the kind of music she listens to, which is Reggae, Rock, and Country Music, doesn’t involve much dancing.

She said that the electrified dance moves that went along with contemporary music were just too much for her. 

Ray, whose real name is Regina, then went ahead to nevertheless admit that her dancing probably had little to do with the genre of music and more to do with her mannerisms. She said that she is naturally a slow person, and this even once got her in a very awkward position, during a visit to the coast. She shared a story that happened some time back when she was at the coast with fellow journalist Beatrice Gatonye. Ray revealed that she was once denied a camel ride by the operator who told her she was too slow, and would daze his camel with her snail pace.

Jokingly, Ray termed this as utter discrimination, especially since Beatrice Gatonye was allowed a ride.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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