Kabuchai poll risks getting ugly as Wetangula boasts of vigilantes

With just a day to the Kabuchai by-election in Bungoma, worrying developments are emerging from the border town county. Campaigns in the area have so far already been marred by claims of voter bribery and intimidation, and now, the situation threatens to get even worse.

Just last week, scores of people were injured when rival camps clashed during the campaigns in an incident that caught the attention of the County Commissioner, Samuel Kimiti, who consequently warned against any more violence, promising dire consequences in case there is a repeat of such. 

Hot on the heels of this worrying trend is a disturbing statement by Ford Kenya party leader, and  Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula.Speaking to KTN while on the campaign trail, Moses Wetangula began by claiming that he had received information there were plans to entice voters by way of dishing out handouts. It was after this revelation that he then went on to say that his camp had organised groups of youths who would be roaming around the constituency on election day looking for cases of voter bribery. The senator then said that if his squad of youths come across anyone bribing voters, then they will exercise their right of Citizen Arrest and detain the suspects before handing them over to the police. 

This startling remarks from the senator come even after the statement from Samuel Kimiti which urged restraint from all sides involved. 

Still in the feisty address, the former Senate Minority leader went ahead to accuse the deputy president and about 5 unnamed members of the county assembly of criminal acts. Wetangula said that the members of county assembly, though belonging to his party, are dancing to the tune of UDA, and are walking around with money given to them by the DP with the intention of bribing voters..

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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