A breakdown of the reasons behind State House’s crazy photo arrangement on Thursday

The common phrase, “Right-hand man” comes from the fact that a leader will have, by his right hand side, his most trusted ally, or his strongest partner. It’s for this reason, that it is standard protocol procedure that Deputy Presidents or Heads of Armies, in most cases, stand by the president’s right. That’s the same position Ruto, Matiang’I or even Raila, mostly take during events when they’re next to the president.

On Thursday, however, a curious standing arrangement was witnessed, and left a couple of observers puzzled.
While Uhuru, as should be, was in the middle, Raila was on his left, with Ngilu between him and Wetangula.

Of course, some mischievous commentators have tried to explain what happened, some saying it’s because Uhuru is left-handed, and others saying, perhaps it’s because it’s the other way around, and it’s Uhuru that is Raila’s right-hand man.

Nevertheless, the reason for the arrangement was the ongoing infighting in NASA.

Ngilu was positioned between Raila and Wetangula to obviously act as a buffer between the two feuding leaders. Keeping Raila on the right, would have meant having him next to Kalonzo with whom they’re currently having a bitter spat with.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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