Kibicho; KDB and KDC cars ran out of stock immediately- Kenyans are just pretending

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has a very unique perception of the ongoing financial situation in Kenya.

The engineer, whose office is based in Harambee House, said that the economy is growing in the curve of a steep upward trajectory, and the change, unlike previous times, can be felt by the ordinary mwananchi. He says that the Kenyan on the street has much more money than before, and it’s only that he won’t admit it because of the normal Kenyan nature of always whining.

Kibicho was speaking on Radio Jambo this week on the station’s morning show, Gidi na Ghost asubuhi.
In the wide-reaching interview which was hosted by the show’s popular presenters Gidi and Ghost, the two got the powerful Principal Secretary to talk about the state of the economy, and this is where he gave his curious perspective.

“Just the other day, cars with KDB number plates came out, but within a short time, they had already been depleted. With the manufacturers having run out of stock, they released KDCs, but likewise, these were also bought out after a while. Right now the same thing is happening with KDDs. What does this tell you? As the economy grows, Kenyans too are growing financially. Only that we are a people who like complaining, and will never tell the truth about improved living standards.”

He went on to say that from the surveys he had personally conducted, there had been an explosion of bars and butcheries at every street corner. He said that such establishments could never begin mushrooming in a struggling economy, and the fact that this was being witnessed was a clear sign that the economy was growing.

This latest statement from Kibicho is likely to cause an uproar from a section of Kenyans who have not only failed to see a rise in their income, but have, in fact, had to dispose off some of their assets in order to make do. While the country’s slow growth might be blamed for this, it became compounded by the Corona pandemic which caused businesses to collapse, and also people to lose their jobs.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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