Karanja Kibicho appears on patanisho slot. Talks of disagreement with Sonko.

Patanisho is an extremely popular show that airs on Radio Jambo every morning at exactly 8:25. In the show, the presenters, Gidi and Ghost, try to reconcile two people who have had a falling out.

For the most part, it’s usually lovers, or spouses, going through a rough patch, whose cases are aired, so it was something of a big surprise when yesterday, at 8:25 in the morning, during patanisho’s slot, it was the feared Karanja Kibicho on air talking of the differences between him and Sonko.

The interior PS had been invited to shed light on a wide range of issues including the whole BBI debate going on, the state of security in the country, and Huduma Numbers.

After he was through with his talk, by a strange twist of fate, at the time when patanisho airs, a listener sent in his message asking him about his current condition as far as Sonko is concerned.

It will be remembered that a while back, during a public rally, Nairobi ex-governor Mike Sonko claimed that he and Kibicho had been behind a string of vandalism incidents designed to malign the opposition.
Kibicho reacted angrily to these claims, and filed charges against Sonko.

Sonko was arrested for unrelated charges, but has since been released and allowed to recuperate at the hospital due to health reasons.

Kibicho refused to delve deeper into the matter, saying that it was before a Judicial process, and so it would be Sub Judice to speak on it.

He however briefly touched on the issue, saying that he felt aggrieved by Sonko’s accusations, and just like any Kenyan, had a right to legal recourse, and decided to use that right.

Showing a jolly side of him that few know, he cracked up when asked about the deep state claims, saying he constantly meets people who think he comes complete with a tail, and pair of horns.

He, nevertheless, dismissed such talk, saying he was just a government worker based at Harambee House, and it was probably because he works in the security docket, which is shrouded in secrecy for the most part, that makes people imagine such things.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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