Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga’s hint at presidential run backfires

Nominated senator Millicent Omanga today caused a stir online after doing a post while kidding with her followers and fans about the 2022 Presidency as she seeks their opinion.

Omanga was kidding about being elected the Country’s President come 2022 if all her followers on Twitter were to turn their following into physical votes.

Taking to her official account, Omanga was grateful for the over 1 Million followings, while conducting her mock survey from her online audients.


Hawa 1 million followers mkifanya zikuwe kura si nimetosha kuwa Presidential Candidate 2022. Ama mnasema aje watu wangu?” she posted.  

Her followers did not hesitate to give her pieces of their minds, with a number of them opening up about her nominated post with mixed reactions.

“You may be surprised that 30 % are Ugandans , 20 % are Tanzanians , 10% are South Africans, 3 % owns more than one account and 5 % are bots, 10 % are on a trolling mission the reset are real followers who share between Tangatanga and Handshake, stop dreaming on social media” Opined Frank Mtetezi.

“only 600 follow your idea, the rest of us know what we are following about you” Said Ashaam.

“Be nice aki. By the way, ananihesabu yet kura yangu si ya Nai” Reacted Denno Maks.

Ogaso Bruno tweeted “Kenyan politicians should desist from this madness of always seeing the public in terms of votes. It seriously demeans our intelligence as a country”

“Unfortunately presidents are elected not nominated.” another follower posted.

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Written by Fred Orido


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