Ledama Ole Kina’s call on youths to grab power in 2022 elicits mixed reactions from Twitter

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has today challenged the Kenyan youth youths calling on them to take advantage of their biggest asset and ascend to the Country leadership in the wake of the 2022 general elections.

Taking to his official account on Twitter the fiery senator took a swipe on the young generation, stating that they risk not being the future leaders should they continue in their slumber.

Kenyan youth:-You are NOT the future leaders of Kenya! Use your greatest asset “youthfulness” and grab the power now! 2022 must be yours! Wacheni Kulala!” tweeted Olekina.

His tweet however elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter and followers alike, with a section blaming themselves for taking so long, and others blaming their elected counterparts for not bridging the gap.

“You are a youth currently in power, Mohamed Ali, Babu Owino, John Kiarie, and many other youths… Any legislation to better the lives of the youth you managed to pass in parliament… None at all” Opined Christos.

“U have disappointed us as a youthful leader already,u have crowded yourself with unclean leaders harshly judged by citizens, we now see Kenya is not ready for youthful leadership, neither youthful leadership not well mentored for leadership….bado safari ni ndefu” Reacted Co47 Kenya love.

“So if I may ask a Kenyan Youth with Nothing but papers wants to compete with a 2nd Term MP who has made money over years on the Constituency race, How can He sustain even his campaign, Far from influence Politics needs money, Senator tell my fellow youths the truth!”Tweeted Frank Mtetezi.

“The political class wants to hold the youth captive for crumbs. We live in a society whereby if a young man wants to run for office, he is asked: Do you have resources? The old want to bribe on their way to office by depriving the youth of empowerment.”Wrote Mohamed Ali.

“The youth will be united one day and smell the coffee. As for now, youth are grappling with unemployment and most of them are not financially independent except for the children of politicians and government officials who stole. Empower the youth now.” Continued Ali.

“The current crop of Youths are USELESS, the future of this country can ONLY be shaped by Youths of yesterday like Raila Odinga, James Orengo, Mukisa Kituyi, Kivuta kibwana, Martha Karua, etc. There is NO FUTURE if the likes of OSORO are the ones we depend on. RAILA ODINGA takes the mantle” Said Ledama Ole.

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Written by Fred Orido


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