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PS Kibicho reveals insane amount of money gov’t spent on tear gas in 2017 post-election protests

It has now emerged that supporters of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga forced the government to spend KSh 50 million on teargas in order to contain them during 2017 post-election protests.

According to Taifa Leo, Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho said the government spent KSh 10 million every month to deal with Raila’s protesting supporters.

He further disclosed that the Cabinet had to make budget adjustments in order to increase the allocation for security to measure up with the demands of that period of political unrest.

In other news, Kenya secured a loan of KSh 264 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to address the deficit in its budget.

However, the international lende set a number of conditions for the National Treasury to adhere to going forward.

The first condition is for the ministry to freeze its annual budget to levels that will minimise borrowing and compel the country to live within its means.

The second one is for the government to restructure its parastatals or consider privatising them in order to cut the costs involved in their day to day operations.

This, according to experts will result in massive job losses.

The last condition is for the National Treasury to find alternative means of raising more money to finance its budget and desist from borrowing. This means Kenyans will have to brace for more taxation.

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  1. Kampsons tendered for the supply of Mahindra Jeeps to the Police Department in the mid 19 for close to Sh1 million (US$13,000) each, at a time when showrooms would have charged customers a sixth of the price. Moreover, the vehicles were being bought for a government department and were therefore imported duty-free. Few of the more than 1,000 units that were imported over several years are in service today. The Kamanis were also involved in a deal to build a CID forensic laboratory. On 7 June 2004 an amount of $4.7 million was wired back. The payment was a refund against the money paid for the Criminal Investigations Department forensic laboratory.

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