Major showdown expected after David Kiplagat dares Tuju on BBI threat.

A thrilling and exciting, but also potentially ugly showdown is looming, and none of the protagonists involved seem ready or even willing to blink first.
Last week, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju, came up with a draft of recommendations which they prepared at the party’s headquarters in Pangani, and later on, after they were through, they sent a complete list of the party’s resolutions to those whom they felt needed to align themselves to the new party position.

The letter was actually to MCAs of the Jubilee party, informing them that the Jubilee party’s official position was the passing of BBI, and in respect to that, they were expected to pass the bill without question, failure to which disciplinary actions would be taken against them.

Now, in what is the latest development in the escalation, Uasin Gishu County Assembly speaker David Kiplagat has come out to assert that, while they won’t disobey him just for the sake of doing so, likewise, they won’t blindly pass the bill just to please him.

Referring to Tuju as System, David Kiplagat said that intimidation tactics from the system were many and even gave the cases of what happened to Sylvanus Osoro and deputy governor Maangi in connection to their weekend arrests as perfect example of intimidation by system. Nevertheless, he said, they wouldn’t be cowed, or bullied into acting under duress.

He further said that he, as the Uasin Gishu County Assembly speaker, would ensure that decisions were arrived at, not through blind party loyalty, but through public participation, and taking the views of the public into consideration.

Setting the stage for a major confrontation, he said that if following the people’s wishes was going to be taken to mean insubordination, then he was going to do so, and wait for Tuju’s next move.

Baringo MCAs were the first to go against party instructions and vote down the BBI report, and so far nothing has been done to them, but Tuju’s next step is being eagerly awaited as it will be an indication of how such cases will be handled in the future.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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