Moses Kuria roasted over his controversial remarks on BBI

Gatundu South Member of Parliament has once again found himself on the wrong side with the netizens after he was tackled head on over his controversial remarks on the Building Bridges Initiative report.

This is after the lawmaker took to his official social media account giving his own opinion on a number of County Assemblies having passed and others on the verge of doing the same to the ongoing BBI report.

All began with the legislators profiling the Counties, and giving a bribery tag to the Mt. Kenya Counties as the reason for which, they are anticipated to pass the BBI report.

“I have no opinion or position. I can only analyze and predict. If you don’t like mine go and make yours in your own wall

County Assemblies That will vote YES to BBI

1. Kiambu- Yes (Bribery)

2. Muranga- Yes (Bribery

3. Nyeri-Yes (Bribery)

4. Kirinyaga-Yes (Bribery)

5. Nyandarua- Yes (Bribery)

6. Nakuru-Yes (Bribery)

7. Laikipia-Yes (Bribery)

8. Embu-Yes (Bribery)” Wrote Moses Kuria on Facebook.

This did not go down so well with his friends and Mt Kenya residence alike who tackled the controversial legislator over his remarks.

“Ruto pays you on Friday. On payday, such theories are allowed on your page.

In short, you’re telling the world that you’ve no influence in Mt Kenya.

BBI lazima ipite”Opined Peter Mwangi.

Shikuh June stated that “Are you admitting that for you to make an informed decision you must be bribed?”

“Meaning our members of the country assembly from mountainside love bribe more than the great people of mount Kenya” Cyrus Kirongo.

“You could have proved your worth by managing a NO in your county before yelling about other counties. Anyway, your day pay is intact because your boss has seen your blog today. Just proceed for your brown envelope @ caren right away!” Wrote Martin Shikuku.

“So you know very well that all people moving with Ruto in Central province they are in hustler movement because of bribery including you” Kamuche A Kimathi.

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Written by Fred Orido


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