The close links between Murkomen, Kang’ata and Wamatangi; proof that politicians are one family.

On the surface, Murkomen, Kang’ata and Wamatangi seem like the caat of an intriguing thriller about a man eat man society, with each having replaced the other by the chronological order of their names. However, a background check has revealed quite the opposite. Far from being enemies to each other, these guys share close links to one another. Links that not only transcend time and go back to their days in college, but also transcend personal life and extend to even family.

To begin with, while most people first knew of Kang’ata as the busy body that represented the security guard Kerubo in her case against the then deputy Chief Justice Nancy Barasa, and Kipchumba Murkomen as the young lawyer who appeared on Citizen TV’s political show alongside David Makali, these two fellows knew each other long before. Kipchumba Murkomen first met Kang’ata back in the University of Nairobi.

Kang’ata was then a vice-chair in SONU, the student’s leadership council. Due to the dictatorial KANU regime of the time back then, Kang’ata was expelled for activism, but after the country came under a new dispensation with the NARC government, he was taken back and completed his studies.

Nevertheless, despite these challenges, the two young men forged a strong relationship that has survived the rough and tumbles of politics over the years.

Wamatangi and Murkomen, on the other hand, may come from different age-groups, but their interactions strike at the very core of family.

It is no secret that Murkomen has married a woman from the Mt. Kenya region. What, however, is a secret that most aren’t privy to is the extent to which the Kiambu governor, Kimani Wamatangi, was involved in the marriage of the two.

Being so close to both, Wamatangi acted as the stand-in-father to the bride, and was the one who handed over Murkomen’s wife to Murkomen.

While to Kenyans these three may cut the figures of three ruthless operators, each determined to get past the other by any means necessary, in reality, they share life-long bonds.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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