SRC Head and Ruto ally, Lynn Cherop Mengich, contradicts Uhuru on car grants for MCAs

The executive is headed for a major showdown as the president risks insubordination from personnel serving in his own government, if the latest signs from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission are anything to go by.

As the threat of impeachment becomes ever more real for the deputy president, it would appear that he has decided to flex his muscle in the government, and as some of his foot-soldiers once predicted, before he goes, he might just decide to leave behind in his wake a dilapidated and dysfunctional government.

During the president’s trip to Sagana last week, he promised to give the MCAs who were in attendance car grants, seemingly, in exchange for their support to help pass the BBI report in the County Assemblies, and get it to the next step; Parliament.

However, it now appears the president might have a tussle on his hands that he hadn’t foreseen.

The issue of car grants for MCAs isn’t a new one and had been a contentious area ever since 2013 when, for the first time, a new administration began leading under the then new constitution. With this in mind, journalists were keen to hear from the SRC, and find out whether they were on board with the whole arrangement or not. To their surprise, the head of the SRC’s office openly refused to stand behind the president’s declaration, instead saying that they would make their own decision later after other considerations.

“We shall respond to your question as soon as we have analysed the situation,” responded Purity Njeru on behalf of Mengich who did not answer calls or short messages on whether the commission will confer the benefits, including the demand for pension.

Mengich’s deputy, Dalmas Otieno, was however even more pronounced on the issue, leaving no doubt as to his stand. If his sentiments are a reflection of his boss’s position, then the president should expect one hell of a fight on his hands.
“In fact, individually I oppose this in totality. Kenyans are suffering a lot and yet we are having a conversation on MCA’s self-actualisation by supporting BBI,” he said.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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