ODM’s official announcement; they won’t honour their 2017 pre-election promise to Kalonzo.

While the claim of political betrayal has mainly been from the Ruto-allied wing of Jubilee, directed towards their counterparts allied to the president, little is remembered of a similar promise that was made to Kalonzo by ODM, and as the party held what they called “ODM party Central Committee Meeting” last week, an announcement from the party secretary general Edwin Sifuna all but sealed Mr. Kalonzo’s fate.
Edwin Sifuna announced a raft of resolutions which the party had arrived at. Among them was what sounded like an ultimatum to Jubilee. It stated that since ODM had been instrumental in the ouster of Mike Sonko, they were thereby demanding that the post of deputy governor be reserved for them.
However, it was the other major announcement which they had that was not only interesting but also surprising. Edwin Sifuna announced that the party was now open to applications from anyone who was interested in contesting for the presidency on an ODM ticket. Outlining the requirements, the SG went ahead to list the number of qualifications that potential applicants had to meet. While most remained hanging on the particular requirement that called for all interested parties to be ready to part with a million shillings non-refundable fee, an even bigger announcement almost went unnoticed.
By inviting applications from all interested parties, what ODM were doing in essence, was officially announcing their intention to renege on their promise that they made to their NASA counterparts before the 2017 general elections.
In the heat of negotiations between the different players within the NASA fraternity which composed mainly of ODM, ANC, WIPER and Ford Kenya, ODM made a pledge to her counterparts that the party wouldn’t be fielding a presidential candidate in 2022. This was ratified as part and parcel of the coalition’s pre-election Agreement, as long as the coalition remained intact.
While the party was unable to take power, the coalition has remained intact, and so it was expected that ODM was honour her promise and stay away from the upcoming elections. However, with their latest announcement, it is becoming increasingly clear that ODM have something else in mind.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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ODM’s official announcement; they won’t honour their 2017 pre-election promise to Kalonzo.

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