Kamket lawyer; my client wasn’t involved in Kapedo murders- his murder was different.

Prominent city lawyer Cliff Ombeta caused a stir yesterday when he stood outside Kileleshwa Police station to address the media. In trying to defend his client, he ended up providing information that left the media not only shocked but also confused as to whether he was actually looking to get his client freed, or to perhaps land him in even more trouble.
Yesterday’s drama began at about 11 AM when Tiaty Member of Parliament, and KANU stalwart, William Kamket was arrested by officers from the DCI special service unit. Journalists got a tipoff from a source which informed them that not only had William Kamket been arrested, but that he had been arrested in connection with the violent clashes in Kapedo that have so far claimed many lives, including those of two senior policemen, one of who was a Deputy director of operations with the GSU.
Cliff Ombeta arrived soon after, and quickly swung into action, pulling all stops to have his client, William Kamket, released. It was while briefing the media on the state of affairs thus far, and exactly what the situation was like with his client, when he began a brief break down of the history of his client’s charges.
He said that his client had not been taken in for questioning concerning the Kapedo killings. However, before the curious journalists could inquire as to why he had been brought to the police station, Ombeta offered to explain to them. He shocked those present by telling them that the murder case which had landed his client in the police cells was a different one, and from much earlier- six years ago. Going as far as to even give the name of the victim, he said the man’s name was Edward.
Those present had expected Ombeta to proclaim his client’s innocence, and not absolve him of one crime, but expose him of another.
The MP has been ordered to present himself to the Nakuru DCI offices on January 29.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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