“Brave CS” Matiang’i issues stern warning to Kapedo rustlers while hidden in the safety of Nairobi.

The mention of one man’s name, Emadau Temako, is enough to send shivers down the spines of top security men, and evoke feelings of terror and fear in their hearts, and is perhaps the reason why Dr. Fred Matiang’i, a man known for stepping in the middle of things, and where the action is hottest, has this time decided to issue menacing threats about 1000KMs from Kapedo.
A couple of days ago, Emadau Temako did the unthinkable. As Kapedo was burning with unrest, and bloodthirsty militias were roaming the hills and valleys of the region armed to the teeth, he decided to step in the thick of things.
Undoubtedly swayed by a strong sense of duty, the now slain deputy director of operations for the General Service Unit, GSU, went on to conduct a security analysis meeting.
Unfortunately, immediately after the meeting, in a brazen and disturbing display of impunity, the local gangs waylaid Emadau Temako, killing him, and injuring others.
The execution of Emadau Temako, a whole GSU Deputy Director of operations, has irked the government and seen them deploy contingents upon contingents of heavily armed security officers, not to mention airpower, scenes akin to a nation engaging in combat with foreign hostile forces. Nevertheless, top security persons, and people in charge of operations have been keen not to go anywhere near the danger-zone, a sign indicative of the fact that perhaps the government, for all its show of might, have not have the area under its proper control.
It is, nevertheless, not only commendable, but also worth noting, that the Rift Valley regional coordinator Mr. George Natembeya was in the area as recently as yesterday, despite the wide berth that his colleagues have given that part of the country.
In the past, the government has faced criticism about sending young inexperienced new police recruits to their deaths by deploying them in such areas where they not only face a harsh terrain rigged by battle-hardened fighters familiar with the geography of the place, but also have to contend with the problem of being under-armed.

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