Kalonzo dares Ruto to prove he didn’t steal Murumbi’s land.

While from the onset it was already clearly expected that 2021 was going to be a year of heightened political activities, no one could have predicted the sheer scale of escalation. In the latest row that seems to have pulled in even Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, who is considered the gentleman of Kenyan politics, insults are being thrown around with ease, while accusations are tossed about with reckless abandon.
This latest tussle, that is happening on the sidelines of the bigger war between the president and his deputy, was sparked off by comments that the DP made over the weekend while in Bomet, during a tour of Rift Valley. He attacked his predecessor, terming his long stay in government as uneventful, and with no record, and that perhaps, the only record Kalonzo Musyoka had was that of residing in a piece of land that is grabbed, and rightly belongs to the National Youth Service, yet he claimed to be against theft.
This was in reference to Kalonzo’s Yatta farm.

A ruffled Kalonzo yesterday, in a clearly combative mood, struck back, and his criticisms were nothing but stinging, as he took shots at his successor.

Kalonzo began by reaffirming his innocence against all accusations that had been leveled against him, declaring himself above board in all his dealings, and challenging anyone who had facts to the contrary, including investigative agencies, to forward their proof.

He then turned his focus on the DP, who he dismissively referred to as “Arap Mashamba”, in reference to his allegedly unbridled greed for public land. He went ahead to accuse him of a string of scandals including the 39 Billion shillings arms deal which saw the killing of a sergeant attached to the DP, and the attempted Lang’ata Road land grab.

However, most notably, Kalonzo accused the DP of grabbing land that belonged to their predecessor, Joseph Murumbi, who was Kenya’s second vice-president.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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