Dead Beat episode goes horribly wrong, as caller touches Masawe Japani personal issues.

This week, things dramatically spiraled out of control within a matter of minutes into the popular radio show Dead Beat, after the young lady who Masawe Japani was supposed to have been helping blurted out something that instantly rubbed the bubbly talk-show host the wrong way, sending her into an uncontrollable fit of rage. 

Masawe Japani is one famous lady that has never shied away from speaking out on the troubles she has faced concerning complicated pregnancies, and the miscarriage she endured before she was able to finally safely give birth. 

Dead Beat, on the other hand, is a popular FM program whose drill is quite simple. A fan, in most cases a female fan, will send Masawe Japani a case of her baby daddy who has neglected his parental role, and Masawe will device a way to get the fellow to meet his parental obligations. 

In the episode in question, the young lady whose case was being handled was one who went by the name Abigail from Eldoret. Abigail’s story was that she had been impregnated years earlier by a married man when she was still in secondary school. The man, however, had since refused to take care of her and her child, and had even blocked her from reaching him on all his contacts. As is usually the case, Masawe Japani called the man, but then this is where things began taking an unexpected turn. 

It ended up being that it was the wife who picked the call. As it turned out, the wife, who went by the name Sharon Kemboi, not only knew about Abigail, but was in fact the one who was not only supporting her husband, in this case Abigail’s baby daddy, but was also the one paying child support for Abigail’s kid. Sharon revealed that the husband had lost his job and so she was the one supporting him, and even the little child support payments that Abigail was complaining about, she was the one sending whenever she was able. This sent the two women into a heated exchange, and it was at this point that Abigail shouted something which she didn’t know, would touch a raw nerve on Masawe. Abigail told Sharon Kemboi she was a wicked woman, and that was why she would continue loosing children through miscarriages like she had done throughout her marriage. 

Before she could say anything else past this, Masawe jumped in, on fire. 

She gave the young mother a tongue lashing like never before. Abigail, dazed by what was going on, and unable to understand why Masawe had turned on her, tried to defend her position, and this was where Masawe shut her down completely with a stern ultimatum. 

”Now listen to me, Abigail! No woman ever loses a child on purpose, and that is something you should never ever tell a fellow woman ever again, and if you don’t listen to me, I’ll end this Dead Beat right now. Am I clear?” 

Luckily, the cowed Abigail towed the line, and the episode followed to conclusion, though shakily. 

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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