Chilling details of the night before election nullification; Maraga speaks.

 Recently retired Chief Justice David Maraga, has for the first time, opened up on the sensational events that were playing out behind the scene in the build up to their famous nullification of the 2017 general elections by the supreme Court, on the eve of their judgment.

In what can only be described as an intense game of high stakes politics, the retired Chief Justice has revealed, not just what was said to him, but also what he said in response. 

The presence of divisions within the Supreme Court was something already in public domain after Judge Njoki Ndung’u, in an unprecedented move, came out to openly and bitterly differ with her colleagues. However, Maraga’s latest statement shows the extent of the entire rift. 

Maraga revealed that on the eve of their judgment, he received a chilling phone call, whereby he was asked what exactly it was he thought he was about to do. 

“The person asked me on the phone, ‘what is this am hearing? What is this thing I hear you plan to do tomorrow?’ inquiring about our intention” 

Maraga was speaking in an interview with KTN’s Sophie Wanuna. 

Wanuna then asked him who the caller was since someone who could be privy to such information, and have a direct line to the CJ was definitely a very powerful person. Maraga agreed that in deed it was a powerful personality, but refused to give away the identity. Wanuna proceeded to ask if this then meant that there was someone within the Supreme Court who was leaking out information, to which the retired Chief answered in the affirmative. 

Maraga then went ahead to reveal that he stopped the caller right in their tracks by telling them he wasn’t interested in such  a topic. Maraga said the caller tried to persist, but he shut the person down by reiterating his earlier stand that he wasn’t going to indulge in such discussions. 

In the aftermath of their judgment, the president himself would, in a threatening outburst, promise to revisit the issue, an oath that has seen him sideline the Judiciary, and cut its funding as well.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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