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Millicent Omanga among foreign MPs observing Uganda elections – PHOTOS

It has now emerged that Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is participating in the Uganda General elections, however, as an observer.

According to photos she shared on her social media platforms, Omanga was observing the elections on behalf of the Parliament of Kenya.

Omanga was in the company of among others Nominated Senator Mary Seneta.

However, her affiliation with Deputy President William Ruto out her on the receiving end, with some netizens slamming her for bragging yet she is just a nominated senator.

Others criticised Omanga for ‘slaying’ instead of observing the voting process as tasked.


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Written by James Mulanda


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  1. Still, Kenya has one of the continent’s most experienced and resilient political elites. They have over 50 years of experience in political wheeler-dealing, skulduggery, deal-making and sharing the loot from public coffers – uninterrupted by coups, major social meltdowns or grand economic experiments. The odd thing about the corruption perpetrated by an even minimally coherent elite is that it produces a stagnating political stability so long as there is enough loot to share around. It is not an ideal situation and it is fraught with deepening inequality and declining public trust in governance institutions and in the politicians themselves. Still, the guys at the top can hold on and even sustain a hegemon on the basis of backroom deals, understandings and accommodations. And with the right foreign friends this job is made even easier. Currently, there is considerable bewilderment about the Kenyatta succession as our politicians position themselves for the 2022 elections. Part of this is deliberate mystification. Newspaper headlines sometimes seem to derive from a single photo of politicians at a meeting posted on Twitter where it’s not at all clear what the discussions were about. The mystification is also in part caused by the fact that there are no ideological or significant policy differences between the different competitors for the presidency. Even COVID-19 – the disruptor of the century – hasn’t changed their modus operandi.

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