Wambui Kamiru celebrates Bob Collymore’s birthday with emotional memory

    Former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore’s widow Wambui Kamiru today commemorated her late husband’s birthday in style.

    This is after she took to social media sharing a photo of the two together where her late husband was hiding his face from a selfie they took together.

    She captioned it with a message of how bemused she was of her husband shielding his face from the camera.

    “Happy birthday Mr. Collymore,” her caption begun, “I still laugh at your attempts to escape our selfies,” she shared.

    The late Bob Collymore would be celebrating his 63rd birthday having been born on January 13th, 2021.

    Netizens took time to share some love with Madam Collymore to comfort her in the memory of her late husband. Below are the reactions from the Twitter family.

    “Never forgotten!” Wrote Aly-Khan Satchu.

    “May he rest in peace. I remember him telling me that, “With IT you’ll never go.” He didn’t know I was rumbling with an accounting course. Until then I switched and that is the best move. Spreading words of knowledge is key than tangible material things.” Tweeted David.

    “I thought it was a one-time thing, kumbe he was a photo dodger.” Miss Violette opined.

    Sarah Kimani wrote. “Those we love don’t die. Happy Birthday, Bob.”

    “Absolutely. Forever ingrained in our hearts.” Phannie A. Kwegah.

    “Happy birthday Sir @bobcollymore. Kenyans will never stop loving you. Forever in our hearts. Kings never die. Keep resting Chief.” Tweeted Chieftain.

    “However painful it is losing a loved one, I like how you are coping and handling the whole thing, stay strong, God is your strength.” Wrote Jerry Pat.

    Infinity shared. “We Miss that icon for sure. HBD in the skies Bob….”

    Ever since the death of Collymore Wambui has been steering away from the media, and only surfacing occasionally to celebrate selected moments like Bob’s birthday.

    She recently took the media head-on after a leaked will of the husband telling them to focus only on matters of public interest. Since 2016 when my name first appeared in the press concerning my private life, I have done some interviews and turned down a lot more than I have accepted. Often my interviews are focused on the work I do in the hope that it educates and empowers others. My argument has always been that my personal life is not newsworthy,” she stated

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