We have officially ditched jubilee-Murkomen confirms in tough statement

Jubilee party led by President Uhuru Kenyatta has been dealt a big blow after Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen issued a bold statement announcing a new political home and marking the start of a mass exodus from the party.

In the statement that was issued on a day of heated political drama with Deputy President William Ruto’s allies setting the stage for a major clash with Uhuru in Nairobi gubernatorial by-elections, Murkomen tore into the Jubilee party for its disorganization.

Speaking earlier today at the Hustler center headquarters during the unveiling of the candidates for the upcoming by-elections, the legislator said they have moved to the newly formed United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

He added that UDA, formerly PDR was a member of the Jubilee party and there was no crime in joining it, stating that they opted out after being blocked by their Kieleweke counterpart.

“There is no difference, we have left one room within the Jubilee party and joined another which is clean and has been renovated.”  

“We have opted to join this party after being blocked from the ruling party,” he said.

On matters of facing disciplinary actions, Murkomen said that they did wrong in moving to another party in coalition with the ruling Jubilee party.

The former Majority whip continued that the Kieleweke faction should face disciplinary action for openly campaigning for ODM in both the Msambweni and Kibera by-elections.

“UDA is part of Jubilee unlike ODM which they have openly campaigned for both in Kibra and Msambweni,” he said.

He urged other members who are frustrated in Jubilee to find a soft landing cushion in the new outfit.

He further accused Jubliee of planning to install Anne Kananu on the Nairobi County top seat upon sensing defeat in the mini polls.

 “What we are seeing in Nairobi is constitutionally illegal. It is wrong to root for an old nominee when the Speaker is already acting as governor pending a by-election.”

He cautioned the ruling party against misusing the Judiciary, following the court ruling allowing the withdrawal of a case that had stopped the vetting of Kananu as the Deputy Governor.

“We cannot bend the rules because they fear competition, let us go to the election and let the winner take the seat,” he said.  

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Written by Fred Orido


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