Kieleweke leaders in Mt Kenya feel abandoned by Uhuru Kenyatta

Majority Leader in the Senate Irungu Kangata had left tongues wagging with his controversial letter to the Head of State, advising him to take charge of the BBI train in Mt Kenya region in order to salvage the process marred bu unpopularity in the vote-rich region.

According to associates of Senator Kangata, the Muranga Senator drafted the letter on 31st December in Muranga and it was not meant to reach the president. However, the letter was intended to reach the media as well as BBI handlers in order to kick off a public conversation on the BBI in Mt Kenya, as well as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s involvement in the exercise.

”The letter wasn’t even meant to reach the president, even though it was addressed to the president. It was meant for the media so that it reaches BBI handlers,” the source confided to this writer.

The letter our source confirms was drafted by Kangata and other Kiekeweke leaders vying for various seats in Mt.Kenya. These leaders across the Mt Kenya counties fear President Uhuru is not doing enough to campaign for the BBI in Mt Kenya to tame the euphoric hustler wave on the ground or else they will lose in various seats cum 2022.

The politicians wondered how they will face the electorate if they continue backing the BBI without President Uhuru’s direct involvement.

”The leaders are wondering how they will vie in 2022 if they continue backing the BBI and a carefree president who might cost them their political future,” the source added.

They now want President Uhuru Kenyatta more active about the BBI and not leave Raila Odinga to sell it alone since he is not so popular in the Mt Kenya region. The letter had nothing to do with undermining BBI, handshake, and the impending BBI referendum.

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  1. “The hauling of the Kiambu governor to court and making him spend some days in police cells over corruption charges is part of the handshake’s efforts to throttle the DP’s penetration of the area,” said the former senior civil servant. “When he was thrown into custody at the Industrial Police Station cells, Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu Governor) was visited at night by a Jubilee Party mandarin allied to President Uhuru’s wing who mocked him by telling him ‘to now call the DP’ to bail him out.” The mandarin allegedly warned Waititu that he was going to pay for his cavorting with the Deputy President. Governor Waititu apparently is not the first Central Kenya politician to be “punished” by the “handshake team” for not toeing the line: “The first to be tamed was the deleterious Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who immediately after the swearing-in of President Uhuru Kenyatta for his second term in November 2017, was seen as Ruto’s point man in Central Kenya. He was slapped with an unpaid tax accumulated over the years that effectively cooled his heels,” said the former senior civil servant.

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