Boniface Mwangi offers public apology to senator Millicent Omanga after embarrassing public spat

Hours after treating netizens to free, and ugly altercation renowned human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has tendered his apologies to nominated senator Millicent Omanga.

This is after the two were involved in an embarrassing online exchange, that got so dirty and personal to involving families and careers.

Taking to his Twitter account, the government critique acknowledged having lost it to the extent of disrespecting himself, his friends, and the entire public who believe in him and his championing for the general good of the people.

“I get insulted every day and rarely do l lose it. Yesterday l lost it. I am sorry to everyone l offended. I am sorry to Millicent Omanga too. I was out of line,” Mwangi stated.

To which Omanga later gladly replied to as, “Apologies warmly accepted.”

It all began yesterday after Boniface replied to the meme of a chicken posted by Omanga that had been used by the public to troll her body shape.

Ugly exchanges then got in degenerating into embarrassing bedroom affairs as the two warring sides exposed who has slept with who to further their career.

Boniface was replying to an earlier allegation by the Senator of being a semi-illiterate paid heckler on the streets with designer shoes, thinking it was equivalent to fighting for justice.

“Imagine someone who slept her way to the top calling me a dimwit? I am tayad. Good luck and God speed @MillicentOmanga” Wrote Boniface.

Omanga then tackled Boniface criticizing his work as a human rights activist and his level of education calling him a heckler and dimwit.

“Eti fighting for justice! Which justice? You can even say you’re 20 years for all I care. You’re a paid heckler but because you’re semi-illiterate you think being paid to yell on the streets with designer shoes is equivalent to fighting for justice. Never dare me again. Dimwit!” wrote Senator Omanga.

“You’ve 3 kids, someone is working on the fourth one now and you’ll claim it’s yours yet you’re busy engaging me here when he is busy with your bedsheet. You’re a fool who did his KCSE at 40 years of age and still terribly FAILED. You can’t hold a candle to me. Bring it on boy!” Omanga continued.

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Written by Fred Orido


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