Academic qualifications do not brew Arrogance, your Personality does

CS George Magoha./ FILE

Professor George Albert Omore Magoha, a Kenyan by birth is a celebrated academician. He is intelligent, honored, and celebrated across the world.

A quick look into his academic history will land you at Dr. David Livingstone Primary School, Starehe Boys High School for his O-Level, he then moved to Strathmore School for A-level education, graduating with High School Diploma.

He earned a scholarship to study human medicine in Nigeria at, University of Lagos. His academic brilliance lands him at Royal Postgraduate Medical School, in the United Kingdom, and so to recognize, he is a Fellow of the Royal College of Ireland.

What a pregnant history of brilliance to argue with.

However, in the recent past, Kenyans have been calling for his resignation and calling on the president for his demotion as the Cabinet Secretary, in the Ministry of Education, irrespective of the above might in paperwork.

Professor George could be an academic giant, however, when it comes to anger management, public relations, and humble relation, he scores zero. Which shows no correlation between academics and who we are, when relating to each other.

Little is known about his background, character, and personality, what drives him, or his motivation to work hard. Who brought him up, who nurtured him, what are the hardships he passed through while living with his brother after leaving Kisumu to the capital city of Nairobi.

Does he have a painful history, occasioned by hostility, no-nonsense parents, or unforgiving society?

Professor George Magoha is among the few public personalities whom you cannot provide evidence when chuckling or smiling. His surrounding is ever momentous with a steady atmosphere of seriousness.

You and I would want to engage those working around him or those who worked with him before. Is he a soothing personality, a jovial boss, who, you can approach at ease, with an idea, a fun personality that you’d spare some jiffies discussing an array of events revolving around politics, sex, marriage, celebrities, music, cars, drama, or just gossips around Nairobi?

A call for his resignation is not honest. His achievements surpass a mistake out of personality. If it was based on his performance, a second thought could be accorded to it.

Professor George Omore is celebrated to have brought back sanity at the University of Nairobi. He created a ventilation valve among students and teaching staff to stop the ever striking students, he solved the missing lecturers who never attended classes and lost student’s marks without any concrete reasons.

At KNEC, Professor Omore arrested the widespread academic dishonesty and corruption in the administration of national examinations. He is credited to have dismantled cartels that had propagated exam cheating for years and restored the credibility of exams in Kenya.

His injection as a doctor is at the administration level, not treating patients in the hospital. He deserves a second chance during this pandemic.

Everyone is tensed, emotions are running high and lofty, an inner character might come into play not intentionally, but, out of emotions and pressure.

Make no mistake relating to academic qualification as a proponent that defines someone’s character or personality, they’re distinct. Academics can only expose us to various keys to redefine who we are, it will never be a cure to our unbecoming personality.

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