DP Ruto’s spokesperson reveals why he snubbed Uhuru’s BBI event at KICC yesterday, opting to watch it on TV

Hours after Deputy President William Ruto snubbed the official launch of the BBI signature drive, his communications team has responded, revealing the intrigues and the push and pull that was witnessed that eventually saw the DP miss the event and also miss on the program list.

DP Ruto’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Talam divulged that the organizers of the event sidelined DP Ruto throughout and did not even bother to invite the second in command who was left to follow the proceedings on TV like other Kenyans.

“Ruto was not invited to the event, if anybody claims to have invited him, let him show you the invitation letter,” Talam stated.

Signs that Ruto would snub the even were imminent after his name missed on the official program.

Talam challenged the organizers of the event to come clean on their decision not to invite the DP who has been at the frontline, criticizing the document and calling for further dialogue.

“It is the event organizers who are supposed to tell you whether they invited him, not us explaining why we are not in attendance,” the spokesperson added.

Despite missing the event, Ruto took to social media shortly afterwards to reiterate his stand on the need to build consensus writing:

“Even with the signature launch, there is still a real chance at a consensus for a non-divisive referendum that will give Kenyans the opportunity to express themselves without us vs them, win vs lose contest.

“Unity is the strength needed to fight Covid-19 and organize the economy,” added the DP.

Reports indicate that more than 1 million Kenyans have already appended their signatures in support of the BBI report barely

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Written by Fred Orido


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