Viral photos showing men kneeling while addressing Prophet Owuor angers Kenyans

Photos have emerged on social media showing a number of people kneeling while addressing self proclaimed prophet; Prophet Owuor.

In the photos first shared by blogger Abraham Mutai, the four men and a woman could be seen kneeling before Owuor as he stood still seemingly listening to them.

It still remains unclear why the group was kneeling before the Prophet.

Here are some reactions from the blogger’s post;

Abdillahi Ali: You kneel before true God and you will be courageous to stand before man

Vinie Escobar: Modern slavery is by people own will the chains are religion and politics and debts.People sell their souls for false promises and prophecies of better life

Zalmunna Zimri: This guy is not a prophet, he is a crook. He started well, but the spirit of God departed from him

Levi Sakit: I pity these innocent people who have sold their souls to ignorance. Brainwashed

George Ondoro: This is absolute nonsense. You should not kneel or bow to a human being that dies like any ordinary man like you. Mathew 24 verse 11 stating how false prophet will be at the end time

Philip Chianda Ja Nyamware: According to the picture, many can draw different points according to how they understand the picture. To me I think they are bowing down in front oh him, or facing him but not to him, Prophet Owuor is just standing before them

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