BBC’s Ciru Muriuki in mourning as death strikes her family 4 months after her father’s death

    Award-winning media personality Ciru Muriuki is in mourning barely four months after the death of her father.

    A distraught Ciru Muriuki took to social media to share the sad news of the sudden demise of her Aunt (Sister to her late father), just four months after the death of her father.

    Taking to Twitter, Ms Muriuki stated that the cruel hand of death had robbed her family, taking away a beloved mother, grandmother and Aunt.

    “Almost four months to the day that Dad left us, his sister, a beloved mother, grandmother and aunt, has followed him” reads Ciru Muruiki’s tweet.

    The death of her father was a huge blow to the rising journalist who transitioned from NTV to the BBC.

    “What life can never prepare you for…is to lose a beloved parent. My most honored, most cherished father has rested. I have grappled with the unimaginable pain of losing my anchor, my best friend, the best man I have ever known. Words are not enough to express the immensity of this loss.

    But in all things, we praise the name of the Lord. Dad, I will love you forever. The rest of my life will be spent longing to see you again,” wrote Ciru Muriuki.

    Condolences flowed in from her colleagues in the media circle as well as other celebrities as sampled below.

    Kambua: “@CiruMuriuki My sincere condolences Ciru Broken heart.”

    Sheila Mwanyigha: “@CiruMuriuki Condolences to you and your family.”

    Mac Otani: “@CiruMuriuki My condolences. So sorry for your loss.”

    Betty Kyallo: “@CiruMuriuki Pole Sana.”

    Gladys Gachanja: “@CiruMuriuki My condolences Ciru.”

    Kijana Stevie Nderi: “@CiruMuriuki Sad, may GOD comfort you. Pole sana.”

    Fena Gitu: “ @CiruMuriuki oh Ciru, I’m so sorry for all this pain.”

    FERDINAND OMONDI: “@CiruMuriuki What a year you’ve had. My deepest condolences.”

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