Ringtone heckled and jeered.

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko, who has of late taken to calling himself Chairman, is no stranger to controversy. He has been known to speak his mind, and even come across as rude.

However, he has never been on the receiving end. 

This changed yesterday during a live interview with Joyce Omondi after fans went berserk on him. 

It all began when, Ringtone, having baptised himself as the chairman who is responsible for setting people right within the gospel music industry, called Willy Paul and Bahati con men.

“Willy Paul and Bahati are nothing but con men. When Willy Paul came out singing sitolia and made people subscribe to his music and buy his songs, it was because they believed he was doing God’s work. Bahati too. When he came out crying about his mother, and telling the world the difficulties of growing up without parents, people subscribed to his music and bought his songs because they thought he was doing God’s work. However, after they became successful, they cast aside God and began promoting a secular lifestyle. Isn’t that defrauding people? Isn’t that conmanship? It is” 

Whether it was the brazen nature of the attack, or the condescending tone with which he was speaking, something seemed to irk the audience. Angry viewers sent in their comments, and comment after comment, each not only reprimanded him, but threatened to switch to another channel if  Ringtone wasn’t chased out of the studio. 

Joyce, who seemed to be enjoying all this egged on some of her fans. 

“Someone else here says, tell Ringtone ananisuffocate. He is just too much…me too my dear. Ananisuffocate here in the studio. He’s shouting yet am just inches away from him.” 

For a moment things even seemed like they would get out of hand when Ringtone decided to take on the haters, calling one of them Satan’s child. Joyce harshly told him off for that, telling him that she wouldn’t allow that on her show. The show ended with things still on a shaky note, and he even wasn’t given a chance to perform his brand new release.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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