Kibra constituency seat; A curse from the gods, or just bad luck?

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The Concubine is a novel by Elechi Amadi about a beautiful woman called Ihuoma who every man desires. However, Ihuoma is cursed.  She belongs to the Sea god, and whoever tries to pursue her meets his demise. 

The Kibra constituency seat brings memories of Ihuoma to mind. Although it’s a constituency that’s barely ten years old, and was just formed in 2013 after the first elections under the new constitution, it has a rich history behind it from back when it went by a different name.

Unfortunately, its history is laden with death, misfortune, and misery.

For starters, this is a constituency that has, for the most part, been led by what has come to be known as dynasties. It was first led by Murumbi, former vice-president. Perhaps a precursor of what awaited those who coveted the seat, Murumbi was involved in a terrible fall and became confined to a wheelchair.Mwangi Maathai of the famous Maathai family, and husband to Nobel laureate, Wangari Maathai, later on became the MP of the constituency. It has also been represented by Philip Leakey of the world famous Leakey family. After Philip, the seat was taken by Raila Odinga, a scion of the Odinga family. 

Since it’s formation, the politics of Kibra constituency has been shaped by two families, the Odingas and the Okoths, and it has seen more than its fair share of bad luck over the past years, only comparable to Nyeri county which lost two governors in a space of less than a year. 

It all started with Fidel Odinga who was being touted as a possible replacement for the then incumbent, Ken Okoth. However, Fidel had an untimely death in 2015, two years before the elections. 

Rosemary Odinga’s name then began being bandied around, but in early 2017, months before the election, she was hit by an affliction that left her bedridden, battling a tumour, and even blindness. Ken Okoth seemed to have survived the onslaught from the Odingas, and even got reelected, but only just. Less than two years later, the MP shook the constituency when he revealed, in February 2019, that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He would pass away soon afterwards. 

Though he has since been replaced by his brother and the grim reaper seems appeased, we can only hope it stays that way. 

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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