DP Ruto in a fix over Mt Kenya Runningmate and Prime Minister’s position

Mt Kenya is one of the regions touted as being very critical in the 2022 polls and any candidate who will have the region under their grip is likely to be the next president. However, out of those seeking the top seat, DP Ruto is at a very tight spot concerning what techniques he will use to appease the populous region, given the ethnic nature of the country’s politics.

Unlike the previous polls, the Kalenjin-Kikuyu matrix will be a hard pair to sell given the two communities have been at the helm of the country’s leadership from 1963 to date, unlike the remaining communities.

Jomo Kenyatta, from Mt Kenya, was the country’s first President (1964 to 1978) who was succeeded by President Daniel Moi (1978 to 2002), then power moved back to the mountain, to date, where President Uhuru (from 2013) became the Head of State, after taking over from President Kibaki who ruled between 2002 and 2013.

With the talk of inclusivity and making other Kenyans also feel they are a part of the country, 2022 polls will be won based on how across the board a candidate will be in their team. The Mt Kenya and Rift Valley regions have had a total of 5 individuals at the helm of the country’s leadership from 1963, political pundits say to have another Kalenjin/Kikukuyu pair would be huge baggage for Ruto.

To pick a Deputy President from the MtKenya region would make other Kenyans feel excluded from the presidency and the Kikuyu/Kalenjin domination since independence will be used against such a pair.

On the other hand, Mt Kenya is a very critical vote block and any serious candidate will have his Deputy of PM come from the region. Something which is giving Ruto’s strategists sleepless nights. It is perhaps out for this reason that Odinga’s camp is positioning former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth to be the Deputy President or PM in 2022.

According to reports, Kenneth will be Odinga’s running mate, a position he will use to thrust himself to the top seat in 2027.

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