Tuju Spills the Beans on 2 Billion Corruption Scandal Involving Top Politician

The ruling Jubilee party Secretary General Raphael Tuju has spilled the beans on 2 billion graft scandal as the war against corruption has proven to be harder than once expected.

President Uhuru Kenyatta embarked on a journey to seal holes in the government systems which have seen individuals benefit big by looting from public funds and resource.

The Head of State’s efforts to completely eradicate graft and corruption for the country to prosper has been met with immense opposition with individuals still looting public funds.


According to the ruling Jubilee Party Secretary General, Kenya needs to embrace and adopt the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to help solve the graft problem which he says is a big threat to the country’s growth

Speaking during an interview, Tuju blamed the country’s judiciary system for being the weak link in fighting corruption. 

Tuju further noted that through the BBI, corruption cases will be heard and determined within six months of mentioning, revealing little-known details of a top politician who bought a property in Kilimani using the taxpayer’s money which could have been used to better the citizens’ lives. 

“I know of a governor, for example, who has acquired an Sh2 billion property at Kilimani area in Nairobi after paying in cash. That’s a huge sum of money that can finance many government programs. We must support the BBI to ensure when such cases come to court, they don’t drag on but are addressed amicably.” Tuju reportedly stated.

The Jubilee Secretary General, however, failed to mention the name of the Governor he claims used taxpayers’ money for security purposes.

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Written by Emily Odeny


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