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Top Radio Jambo presenter speaks on rejecting Moi’s Sh10 deal

Popular Radio Jambo presenter Joseph Ogidi alias Gidi Gidi has broken his silence divulging how former President Daniel Arap Moi approached with a tempting offer of 10 Million shillings to corrupt the lyrics of their hit song Unbwogable twenty years back.

Speaking to comedian Daniel Ndambuki in the weekly popular Churchill live show, Ogidi revealed how state agents approached them with a 10 Million offer to alter the lyrics of the song that was a hit in former President Mwai Kibaki’s race to State House

The hit was a collaboration between radio host Joseph Ogidi, and his co-singer Julius Owino aka Maji Maji.

The song was a hit in the year 2000 with various punchlines like the I am Unbwogable, Unbeatable, and Unsueable, which made politicians scramble for it as a campaign tool.

This saw the Narc coalition team composed of among others former President Mwai Kibaki, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and the Late George Saitoti settle on it for their campaign anthem.

The move did not auger so well with former President the Late Daniel Arap Moi and his team who was by then supporting Uhuru Kenyatta as his successor, hence reaching out to the hit-makers.

He added that he did not pen down the lyrics for a political hit, rather than to psych himself up, on the myriads of challenges he was facing in life then.

“I did not write that song for political gain. I was singing it to challenge myself as I was going through several challenges at the time,” Ogidi recalled.

“But it became a hit and politicians ran away with it. (Opposition party) Narc paid us Sh800,000 to use the song. One day two men approached me and Maji, they introduced themselves as people from State House. They asked us to go and sing another song with a version that praises Kanu, in exchange for Sh10 million. We consulted my Uncle and he advised us to decline the offer,” Gidi Gidi said.

The duo have since parted ways over the years with each one pursuing a different radio career with Gidi and Ghost in the morning show at radio Jambo, while Maji Maji heads the radio Jambo.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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