Tanga Tanga operative Ann Thumbi badly exposed lying for William Ruto [photos]

In their bid to sabotage the BBI process, Tanga Tanga politicians have embarked on a disinformation campaign aimed at misleading the public and planting the seed of hate towards the BBI Report and a subsequent rejection at the plebiscite.

Among those targeted with this disinformation are young people who form the majority of voters and have a heavy presence online on various social media platforms. Ann Thumbi, a Tanga Tanga operative who made headlines campaigning for McDonald Mariga in Kibra was badly exposed as she tried to spread false information on the document.

In a Facebook post, Ms Thumbi claimed views a youth lobby group she was part of were not included in the final report, despite an assurance from the BBI Select Committee.

”For avoidance of doubt we as Youth For Kenya presented our recommendations to the BBI steering committee both at KICC and Laico .It’s unfortunate that the final document did not capture our concerns .We shall persist that youth issues must be given the weight and attention it deserves as majority population in this country,” she wrote on Facebook, even attaching her perceived ‘evidence’.

Her claims were false considering the meeting in which she attended and was part of a group which submitted its recommendations to the Haji team was the Common Women Agenda platform, and not the Youth for Kenya as she claimed.

Lydia Mathia, who was part of the COWA delegation told Ms Thumbi to stop peddling falsehood on the BBI Report and wondered which recommendations the Youth For Kenya lobby group presented to the select committee and were not included in the final report.

”My dear friend Ann Thumbi, I start this way for the record as I raise a rather simple matter of truth in as far as the #BBI report is concerned. First, please point me to the page in the #BBIReport of October 2020 where the newly conjured #YouthForKenya platform is recorded as having submitted memorandum physically or via email or any other means really.”

”Second, the pictures you use in your post as evidence of said submission were taken during a session of the BBI Steering Committee with the #CommonWomenAgenda (COWA) platform as you will notice in the attached pics. You and I actually posed for a shot there,” she wrote.

Adding, ”Third, you do not require to make up falsehoods to rationalize or explain the position on #BBI now advanced by the Youth for Kenya lobby group. It is okay to hold any view, to change your mind and even to change it twice back if one so wishes because that right is ineliable and guranteed. No need to explain or justify least of all with made up assertions. This is totally unnecessary. So, here’s to wishing you a day filled with sincererity and legitimate conviction.”

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