Drama as GSU Officers ruthlessly descend on Ferry passengers without masks

In the spirit of curbing the current surge in the number of Coronavirus victims in Mombasa County, The Kenya Coast guard Services and the General Service Officers (GSU) launched a crackdown today.

 The officers descended on the commuters at the Likoni Ferry terminus in a move that was targeting the people who were not wearing face masks.

The commuters who were on the wrong side of the law, without the face masks, and those wearing it on the chin were met with corporal punishments from the officers.

Reports indicate that police rounded them up during the mid-morning operation and walked through the military-themed punishments to serve as a lesson.

“They asked me to lie down for 10 minutes. I was not putting on my mask properly and the officers called me and asked me to do the punishment,” one of the commuters narrated to a Nation reporter.

On the contrary view, some of the culprits praised the punishment as way better than the initial 20,000 shillings fine imposed by the government.

The country has been experiencing a surge in the number of infections, a move that has triggered the government to come up with new interventions.

In his latest move, President Kenyatta today convened an urgent meeting to counter the second wave of the virus surge.

Governors have also joined hands in the fight, with the chairman of Council of Governors (CoG) Wycliff Oparanya leading the campaign dubbed No mask No Service.

“Governments will begin a sensitizing campaign. ‘No Mask No Service’. Any worker found rendering services to a person not observing the protocols will be found liable,” he stated.

On his account, the head of state vowed to make an unpopular decision for the good of the Country.

“We need to be honest with ourselves today about the Covid-19 situation Is what we consider our best enough? Did we backslide from our vigilance? Are we succumbing to fatigue?

“Leadership is not a position but the actions we take. We must exercise collective leadership to fight this virus. We must choose the bold over the popular. We must admit there’s a collective failure in enforcement. The two levels of government have failed to enforce compliance with the protocols,” he stated.

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