Corazon Kwamboka answers Maureen Waititu in ugly fight over Frankie just Jim it

Following the fight that ensued between Frankie and his fiancée Maureen Waititu that saw Corazon Kwamboka dragged into the matter, his girlfriend has come out and commented on her involvement on the matter.

Corazon Kwamboka who is a Kenyan Socialite and the girlfriend to Frankie has posted a message on her social media page saying that she does not care what people think, following her involvement in the fight between her boyfriend and his ex-fiancée Maureen Waititu.

Ms. Kwamboka who is a mother of one said that no one should wait for her side of the story after she was involved severaly in her boyfriend’s fight with the ex-girlfriend and mother of his two sons.

An audience that sways every other minute does not deserve my side of the story, don’t wait on it. I don’t care what you think lol,” wrote Corazon Kwamboka.

This comes after Maureen Waititu had accused Frankie of abandoning her and his two sons. She also accused him of disrespecting her and his children after he chased them out of his house.

However, Frankie dismissed her claims and instead accused Maureen for attacking and insulting Corazon.

Corazon Kwamboka had accused Maureen of insulting her son. She also claimed that she was forced to move out of her house following threats from Maureen and that she feared for her life.

“Only a sick person can insult a baby (calling him a name so despicable I can’t even talk) just because I had him with their Ex, one day I will mouth. Not everyone who says God is for him. Drove me out of my own house out of fear. I had to leave a house I bought with my own seat to go hiding because sister was driving to my house at midnight trying to I don’t know what do what to me. That man has done everything to make things work and you know it and I’m not here to Sound arrogant or anything, Yes I know It’s May end in premium tears but when someone has tried he has. You have talked down on me, you’ve called me names, insulted my child, you have threatened and harassed me. I took it all because I know the pain of a heartbreak, I emphasized, I hoped with time you will heal and everything would be easier but things got worse, I have been called names I wouldn’t called my worst enemy,” said Kwamboka.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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