Sunday Bible Tip; where does it say that the serpent was Satan?

    Man has a well-known tendency to blame all his failures and misdeeds on two things; alcohol, or the devil. However, since alcohol isn’t a living thing that can be held responsible for someone’s actions, the devil has borne the brunt of man’s scapegoating.

    The best example of this is the story of the disobedience of man which is found in the Book of Genesis.

    As the story goes, after God created man and put him in the Garden of Eden, he left him with clear instructions on what to do, and what not to do.
    One of the things he was told not to do was eat from the tree of knowledge in the middle of the garden. God then later on created the woman- Eve.
    The Bible then says the Serpent, which was the most cunning of God’s creatures, later convinced the human beings to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.
    After this God cursed Adam, Eve and the snake, and tossed them out of the Garden of Eden.

    However, the version that is passed around in churches and in religious TV and Radio shows is quite different.

    First of all, for some strange reason, the fruit on the tree of knowledge is always considered to have been an apple. No where in the Bible story is there mention of apples. Then the Serpent is always said to have been the devil. No where in the Bible story is there mention of the devil.

    And while there have been instances in the Bible where spirits have possessed certain animals, this has always been indicated and made clear. In the book of Numbers where the spirit of the Lord possesses Balaam’s donkey, this is explained. When Jesus exorcises a man by Lake Galilee, and the evil spirits posses some pigs, this is also indicated.

    The myth about the devil having led man into temptation in the Garden of Eden is yet another attempt by man to blame Satan for his failures.

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