Nadia admits to using satanic powers.

    Raburu who hosted Nadia on Friday

    Celebrated young popstar Nadia Mukami was on Willis Raburu’s popular show Ten over Ten on Friday just after the bubbly Man U fanatic had hosted an electrified performance by Mad Max Diko.

    Nadia Mukami had come alongside industry veteran Sanaipei Tande to promote their new jam, “Wangu”.

    It was when Willis Raburu asked her about the inspiration behind the song which talks about side-chicks in relationships, and whether it was based on a real life experience that the diminutive singer began explaining herself, saying, ”Saa zingine huu muziki ni kama una mapepo…”

    Before she could even go on, Raburu interrupted her and loudly told her she had just roasted herself.

    ”Now somebody out there is about to write something with a heading; Nadia admits to using satanic powers”

    Nadia urged writers out there not to dare, and warned that if anyone tried such a thing she would sue them, before going on to explain the inspiration behind their newest release.
    We here at Kenyan Report, being the huge Raburu fans we are, would hate to see his prediction go to waste, and so we’ve decided to humour him, and at the same time call Nadia’s bluff.

    All in all the interview was quite a cordial one, and not short of light moments. Sanaipei caused huge laughter with a well timed diss at her tiny costar.
    Nadia was explaining how much of an honour it had been working with Sanaa, since she admires her as a songwriter, and is one of the few female musicians who she had always looked up to when she was still coming up as a singer, due to Sanaa’s longevity in the industry. The tall Sanaa, staring down at Nadia, told her that from the look of things, it seemed like she still looked up to her!

    It has to be mentioned that one of Nadia’s most popular songs, made even more popular by the National Rugby team which famously danced to it, is sio juju, ni maombi, where she attributes her success, not to witchcraft, but prayer.

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