MC Jessy; we were not being paid under Churchill.


    Popular comedian and the energetic and lively Churchill raw host MC Jessy has revealed that he, and the other few comedians who helped pioneer The Churchill Show, were never on the payroll during those initial days.

    Speaking yesterday on “Your World” show hosted by Joseph Warungu, they were on the topic of hardships faced by comedians who are just starting up.

    While MC Jessy didn’t mention any names, it was clear he was alluding to Zainabu Zeddy who caused a stir earlier in the year after she accused Churchill Show creative director of killing comedians’ dreams through harassment.

    “Some comedians start out as very obscure performers but once they’ve made it they start attacking the same people who helped them reach where they are. They feel they’re now so big that they can attack Churchill…they can attack that producer who helped launch their careers.”

    He then went on to say what most people don’t know is that when Churchill first brought them to his show, which was a Bob Nyanja production, Churchill was the only one on the payroll by ntv. Sharing his humble beginnings with Joseph Warungu, he said that Churchill would dig into his own pocket to share his payment with them, something which he wasn’t obligated to do and did it purely out of the goodness of his own heart.
    “It was then that he (Churchill) went back to the ntv management to negotiate on our behalf, and have them air a new show, which was Churchill Raw, that would now put us on a payroll”

    In the wide interview which the funnyman went on to talk about his new online show Jessy Junction, and how it has been like venturing into new territory, he didn’t shy away from mentioning a personal encounter he once had with the president despite the fact that he has been rumored in the past to having an affair with a member of the president’s family.
    He intimated to Joseph that the head of state spoke to him in very personal terms, and even took a selfie with him.

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