Kenyans Tell Off DP Ruto Over His Controversial Remarks on Wheelbarrows Donation

    Deputy President William Ruto had been told off by a section of Kenyans over his controversial remarks and questionable tone in a video that surfaced of social media platforms.

    In a video that surfaced online, the Deputy President who appeared to be angry addressed those opposing his move to give Kenyans wheelbarrow.

    The second in command was heard stating that he is aware of what is happening in the country, and why some political leaders are not happy seeing him issuing wheelbarrows to youths.

    “Mimi sio wazimu, am the deputy president of Kenya, am not mad, na mimi sio mjinga,” the DP was heard saying in a video that surfaced online.

    The Deputy President noted that the ongoing conversation in the country about willbarrows shows there is a big problem.

    He further argued that if a wheelbarrow can be something big to one person and useless thing to another person it means there is a big problem in the country which needs a quick intervention.

    The second in command’s remarks on his move to issue willbarrows to youth has sparked mixed reactions amongst Kenyans with some claiming the DP has embarked on politics of arrogance and bitterness.

    “Si angesema hizi huko Gusii Stadium au karatasi ilianguka kabla afike hapo penye ”I know what I’m saying?” one user stated.

    “Bw. Mheshimiwa Deputy President, what #Kenyans need is proper empowerment by the educational knowledge and skills we have acquired over the many years in colleges and universities. Of what use could these wheelbarrows be to the educated graduates?” another user stated.

    “Who said Ruto was a mad man? He’s the one who keeps on reminding us he’s not mad. Maybe he’s crying out for help,” another user questioned.

    “A whole DP advocating for Wheelbarrows and Mkokoteni? Is that the best policy from a serious presidential aspirant and a sitting deputy president? Kenyans if these are the ideas you are supporting, then kiss any meaningful and industrial development goodbye,” another user weighed in.

    “Politics of arrogance, bitterness, insults, propagandas, vengeance, deceit n divisive will take us to nowhere. Bring issues on the table we put a conversation, my friend,” another user added.

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