Kenyans feel let down by their leaders in all spheres of life


The BBI Taskforce admits when they heard Kenyans talk about their leaders, the Taskforce came to the conclusion that the country has a leadership crisis. Whether in the local community or religious organisations or politics, leaders in Kenya, according to the views are failing and Kenyans are feeling let down.

” In our consultations, it emerged that Kenyans pay close attention to political leaders in both positive and negative ways. On the one hand, they treat them as special people and grant them great prestige. On the other hand, Kenyans told the Taskforce that their political leaders are the major cause of their woes,” the report reads in part.

Kenyans feel that they mostly live in peace with one another but are driven apart by the way politicians weaponize identity and division for the sake of selfish and corrupt interests.

”We strongly recommend that we find a way to raise barriers that will keep out those with a track record of fraud, corruption, division, and incitement, to utilise party nomination lists to increase competence in National and County legislatures, and to undertake continuous civic education at all ages and in all sectors.”

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