Jackie Nyaminde, popularly known as wilbroda

    I was given this and told; ifikie Wilbroda, so don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just a postman.

    Dear Jackie Nayminde,
    I don’t know who I hate most; Jackie Nyaminde, or Wilbroda. I guess both. I am so sick and tired of hearing people gush on and on and on about how beautiful Jackie Nyaminde is when she takes off her Wilbroda costume, and how elegant she is when she drops her crass Wilbroda accent and starts talking in her fancy accent.

    What these idiots who yap such nonsense non-stop don’t know is the torment and torture girls like you have taken us through our whole lives.
    Right from elementary school, you are always the cute kids that teachers, visitors and relatives want to pamper and spoil. When we grow into our teens, the witch in you comes out. You are mean to us awkward girls. You are beautiful on the outside, but ugly inside. In highschool things just get worse. You take everything for yourselves; the cool guys, the popular friends, all students representatives spots, everything. All the while, we are told that things will change after school. That the best awaits us out there. But Noooo!!!! You still hog everything for yourselves. It wasn’t enough that you took all leading roles in school plays. After school, and even the role that should belong to poor awkward unknown girls still gets stolen by you.

    Must everything go to your type? Why can’t you audition for beautiful girls roles and leave the other roles for the rest. What you are doing is no different from culture appropriation, when white people act black roles, or appropriate black culture.
    But God is watching, and soon, you and your ilk will get what’s coming to you.

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