Nelson Havi Trade insults with Miguna Miguna [Video]

Netizens were today treated to an online drama as fiery opposition activist and lawyer Miguna Miguna took on Law Society of Kenya President (LSK) Nelson Havi with scathing remarks

Taking to his Twitter account, Miguna called Havi names, blaming him for the rot that has been witnessed in the Kenyan system recently.

He went ahead to say how he has always taken a back seat, pretending to be fighting for the common good while his mouth overflows with corruption goodies.

The self- proclaimed National Resistant Movement (NRM) General went ahead to challenge Havi to make good his threat and disbar Kihara Kariuki and Kennedy Ogeto as he had declared if he was an action man.

“Mr. @NelsonHavi is an opportunistic coward and part and parcel of the rotten Kenyan system. He pretends to fight for the rule of law but keeps his mouth full of corruption goodies. Why hasn’t he tried to DISBAR Kihara Kariuki and Kennedy Ogeto as he had declared?” Wrote Miguna Miguna.

The tweet did not go down so well with Havi, who tweeted back with an insulting rejoinder, referring to Miguna as an educated idiot.

The exchanges went on with Miguna urging the LSK boss to desist from fallacies, and to substantiate among others, his smartness, integrity, and courage during the Friday incident, and before.

“That is a weak ad hominem. Argue with facts and logic; not with insults. First, prove that you are smarter than me. Second, prove that you OCCUPIED Parliament yesterday. Third, prove that you did not flee at the sight of the first armed policeman at the JKIA on March 26, 2018.” Continued Miguna.

In his rebuttal Havi expressed his disappointment at the fiery barrister’s low opinion of him despite all he did to him during his predicaments when he was being whisked away at the airport back in 2018.

“You of all people know that Nelson Havi is a courageous man full of honesty and integrity. How else could you explain why, despite your vitriol, hardheadedness, and unreasonableness, I risked harm entering a restricted Airport area to rescue you and bring you food. Grow up!” Wrote Nelson Havi.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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