Why Mudavadi Stopped Supporting Wetangula in Ford Kenya Wrangles?

    Immediately after his ouster as Ford Kenya party leader by 44 NEC members of the party,Wetangula started moving around with Musalia Mudavadi in events that were dubbed ‘Mulembe Solidarity Forums’.Though the forums were said to be focusing on development in Western Kenya,they were meant for damage control that had been caused by other replica forums that were being carried out in the region by Devolution CS Hon.Eugene Wamalwa,Kakamega Governor H.E Wycliffe Oparanya and Ford Kenya party leader Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi.However,the forums stopped altogether and nowadays,Musalia and Wetangula appear in events separately unlike before.But what happened?

    According to one of Musalia’s insiders who requested for anonymity,Musalia was losing alot of support due to his association with Wetangula in Ford Kenya wrangles.He says that,they realised that Musalia was receiving alot of negative energy from the other side of Ford Kenya who were opposed to Wetangula.

    “At one point when we sat down,we told Mzee to avoid taking sides in this issue of Ford Kenya.His presidential ambitions were being affected a great deal by associating himself with Wetangula.We told him to play the father figure and accommodate all the factions since they all enjoy a formidable support at the grassroot.”the guy said.

    Another thing that broke Musalia-Wetangula coalition was politics of deceit.According to the insider,Wetangula was saying in public that he was ready to work together with Musalia too bring the Western Kenya people together but send his emissaries at night to William Ruto at Sugoi.He could also use Musalia’s resources to finance his own presidential ambitions,which according to Butere MP Hon.Tindi Mwale were and are not here or there.

    “Severally,his people could appear in Sugoi and the message they always told Ruto is that they were John the Baptist.Even up to today,his people still go to Sugoi with the same message.One have been seen campaigning for Ruto openly in Trans Nzoia county.This is what we call the politics of deceit.Wetangula was using Musalia’s resources to build himself politically so as he can have that clout to stand for himself at the negotiation table.As you all know,Mudavadi is focused on the seat of the president and not any other position.”the insider added.

    He also said that the public image of Musalia was being interrogated deeply by some Kenyans due to his association with Wetangula.

    “You see,this is the guy who is facing alot of corruption cases.Musalia is believed to be a safe pair of hands in this country.If he walks with some of these individuals with questionable characters,people start mistaking him for something else.He better walk alone but not with some people.”the guy commented.

    According to Tindi Mwale who is a close ally of Musalia Mudavadi,Western Kenya has only one presidential candidate and that is Musalia.

    “We are used to the other one who usually declares for the president and goes for the senator seat in Bungoma later.Musalia is the only Luhya who has declared his interest for the presidency and we should support him.He has the capacity,and capability.”the MP said in a certain public function in Khwisero.

    According to Ford Kenya members who are in support of Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi as the party leader,as long as Musalia takes that neutral stand,they have no problem with him.They say that they avoided taking him on the moment they realised that he was no longer walking around with Wetangula.

    “We had only one issue with him and now,he has become wise and corrected it.He is our brother and when the right time comes,we might consider him.”said Mr.Wesonga from Tongaren Constituency.

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