Socialite who charges Kshs.700, 000 for sex exposed in shameful scandal[Video]

    Shakillah. Controversial and self-confessed escort

    Barely a week after unveiling a list of 15 Kenyan celebrities she claimed to have slept with, socialite Shakilla has been roped into yet another shameful scandal.

    Shakillah who claimed that her services go for as much as Ksh 700000  recently named Kaligraph Jones, Masauti, Otile Brown, Willy Paul, Ringtone, KRG, and Victor Wanyama as some of the people she had slept with.

    Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko popularly known as ringtone has come out exposing her under-dealings with X-tian Della, and others to falsely blackmail celebrities.

    Apoko alleged that the duo and other crew members are in a penned-down deal to tarnish top celebrities at an agreed fee.

    Taking to Instagram, Apoko revealed what goes on behind the scenes, before the socialites like Shakilla are invited to his show the InstaLive.

    The Pamela hit-maker revealed How Della had carefully coached the socialite to name a list 30 celebrities she claims to have slept with.

    It is then that X-tian approached Apoko with a lucrative deal after the singer went viral with the ugly rebuttal.

    “Xtian Dela told me he can turn this into a big thing and help market me and my brand,” spilled Ringtone.

    He then pulled down his online rant and Xtian decided to organize for him an InstaLive session that very night, claiming it would be the biggest show ever.

    So I told him, as long as it won’t taint my image, then it’s okay,” affirmed Ringtone. The offer on the table was that Apoko gives Xtian a sum KSh100k but Ringtone insisted he would give in KSh20k first and if the deal goes to his advantage, then he will pay up the rest.

    Re-known footballer Victor Wanyama, Ringtone, Rapper Khaligraph Jones, and Willy Paul have since come clean denying any sexual dealings with the socialite.

    Xtian was to conduct some backdoor investigations to find out what Shakilla knows about these celebrities so that they can start from there.

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