Ruto has disowned Uhuru: Mudavadi claims

    Former Deputy Prime Minister and ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has claimed that Ruto has disowned the President and the Government that they formed.

    Mudavadi on his statement stated that DP Ruto is pretending as if he is not part of the Jubilee Government that he formed together with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    “We are basically all under siege but surprisingly now we see a scenario where the Deputy President is telling the President sorry I am not part of it, it is you. Is this deceit?” Mudavadi posed.

    He noted that Ruto is deceiving Kenyans and advised them to be cautious with politicians who are dishing out donations worth Millions of shillings stating that it can lead to corruption and looting of public resources as they attempt to recover their money.

    “We have our elections two years from now as a Kenyan people but there is one thing that is so now glaring in Kenya, politics of deceit and deception. Because it is chocking Kenyans.

    “We are witnessing one of the most extraordinary things that we have ever seen in government. For 10 years come 2022, we shall have been led by the Jubilee Government, but right now we are seeing things that are unbelievable.

    ” When a President on one side is calling a conference to talk about the COVID-19 crisis in the country his Deputy is doing Wheelbarrows somewhere else.

    We are seeing a situation where somebody is disowning their own boss. This is not Governance.” said Mudavadi.

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