Why Ford Kenya Leadership Changes were a Success?

Gerald Wekesa

The Ford Kenya leadership changes that left Bungoma Senator Hon.Moses Wetangula as its main casualty were a success according to legal experts and some political commentators.The changes,which happened towards the end of May this year saw Hon.Wetangula get replaced by the Kanduyi MP Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi as the party leader albeit on interim basis.Out of the 75 NEC members,Hon.Wamunyinyi was overwhelmly endorsed by 44 of them.

According to Mr.Brian Khaemba,one of the lead lawyer in the case,the conservatory orders that were issued by the courts directly upheld the election of Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi as the Ford Kenya party leader until the case which was lodged there by Hon.Wetangula is heard and determined.

“The court issued some orders which maintained the status quo.Quite a number of people have been misled by some political dealers about these orders.What these orders meant was that Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi remains the interim party leader until the case is heard and determined.The existing process then before those orders were issued had followed the right legal procedure and thus,it could only be overruled or maintained.The orders maintained and paused it until a further notice.”Lawyer Brian Khaemba who is also a Ford Kenya member says.

The lawyers further argued that the Registrar of Political Parties’ role in the leadership changes in any political party is very minimal thus,by the court stopping her from gazetting Hon.Wamunyinyi as the party leader of Ford Kenya,it meant absolutely nothing to the concerned party,which is Ford Kenya.

“The Registrar of Political Parties’ role in this whole scenario is just to guide the process of leadership changes.It is the party which holds the ultimate authority of changing its leadership.Hon.Wamunyinyi was elected by the majority of NEC members.The Registrar of Political Parties vetted the names,status and signatures of these NEC members,and verified that indeed they were genuine.So as it stands,the Ford Kenya leadership changes were a success.This legal battle shall come out with the same outcome but for now,the party is under Hon.Wafula Wamunyinyi.”Hon.Otiende Amollo commented.

Concerning the recent ruling by the High Court on matters jurisdictions of the High Court in hearing and determining the political parties disputes as the first court of instance,the lawyers said that they have appealed the ruling to challenge the precedence that was set.

“As lawyers,we can decide to knock out a case on technical grounds.We were aiming at that but the judge ruled otherwise.We respect his judgement but we shall be appealing the ruling he made to remove this precedence which shall affect future ruling in case it is left to lie that way.We believe in the rule of law,and our confidence in winning the appeal is high.”Mr.Khaemba added.

According to Ford Kenya commentators,the party has greatly gained grounds since the leadership reforms were effected.Their only worry is that the conflict in the party might scare away some impatient individuals.

“Some individuals might lack patience along the way but the party is now in a robust state.People have embraced the leadership changes and you can just feel it at the grassroot.”Mr.Benson Simiyu,a Ford Kenya member from Trans Nzoia county said.

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