REVEALED: Why The Health Ministry is Recording Few Covid-19 Positive Cases Nowadays

    News details have emerged on why the Ministry of Health has been recording a few coronavirus cases recently.

    In the recent past, the government has been recording a few numbers of positive covid-19 cases unlike 3 months ago.

    According to the Ministry of Health’s latest report, 98 new positive cases have been recorded raising the number to 37,079.

    The current two digits number is a good indication that the curve flattening, however, it has emerged that there is a lack of enough kits.

    Health CAS Rashid Aman disclosed that the country is currently recording a few cases because there are testing kits shortage meaning the country would have been recording higher numbers if the testing kits were enough.

    This will be a major blow especially to students who are preparing to go back to school in October after the Ministry of Education announcement.

    The few cases that have been recorded within 24 hours doesn’t mean the virus has been contained but it is because only a few people are getting tested.

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