I have made peace with you- Singer Vivianne to Azziad Nasenya

Chum Chum singer Vivianne got it rough from fans after her recent attack on TikTok star Azziad Nasenya.

The singer bashed Azziad who was asking for payment to promote her latest track Simpo Simpo featuring Stivo Simple Boy. Vivianne’s remarks on 20-year old Azziad received a major backlash from fans on social media saying Vivianne is misusing talent in the name of ‘exposure’.

“Light up every room you walk into!” she recently urged her fans but yesterday, after much wait, the musician revealed she had finally made peace with the fact that not everyone will be her friend.


In a photo shoot in the Gym, she wished her enemies well. She says she holds no grudge against any of them.

Her ambiguous post seemed to point fingers at her recent clash with the public and individuals who disguised themselves to her as friends only to turn out as the contrary.

Late August this year, Vivianne clashed with Azziad after requesting her to promote her collabo with Stivo Simple Boy, only to ask to get paid to promote the song.

Seems like Vivianne was not willing to go deep into her pockets. Instead, she went on InstaLive with Jamal Gaddafi to slam the Internet sensation for being too proud despite her young experience in the industry.

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