Revealed: Inside the Hustler Nation’s strategy to counter BBI and the ‘Dynasties’

    The Hustler Nation, famously known as Tanga Tanga has hit the ground running and packaged its campaign messaging to the masses. The team has resolved to vehemently campaign against the proposed referendum through the BBI. This is according to a Campaign Strategy document seen by this writer.

    ”This will be achieved by employing populistst strategies as a mode of mobilization that will be characterized by an anti-BBI and an anti-elitist rhetoric that aims at sowing a seed of hatred and disapproval towards Raila , Moi and Kenyatta families as enemies of struggling Kenyans,” the document reads in part.

    Also, Ruto men will use loss of jobs due to corona pandemic, high poverty levels and ‘theft of corona funds’ meant for suffering Kenyans to mobilize Kenyans against BBI Referendum.

    Where as William Ruto is considered to be part of the political establishment, the think tank resolved that in all social, political and religious platforms, the DP will be portrayed as an outsider to the political establishment, now that he has been alienated from government.

    Even though the Hustler Nation underscores the is need to reach out to all Kenyans and sell Mr. Ruto’s political agenda, it was resolved that a program be rolled out where interviews will be sponsored across all vernacular TV stations and radio stations starting 6th September 2020.

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